Maximizing Efficient Traffic Flow In Your Parking Lot

Efficient traffic flow in your parking lot is an often ignored factor in the traffic coming into and out of businesses. This is particularly true for businesses located in big cities where parking space is at a premium. While urban villages are a rising trend in shopping, particularly in the US, shoppers still need a place to put their vehicles.


It’s not unlike a movie, where the opening and closing shots count for everything. If your customer’s experience is like a movie, the parking area is both the opening and closing shots of their experience: the first and the last thing they see. Customers who have negative experiences while parking report that they’re much less likely to patronize a business or shopping district because of those experiences.


The current market is competitive and retailers struggle to stand out from the crowd, striving to make the shopping experience uniquely enjoyable to inspire return business and customer loyalty. Neglecting efficient use of parking spaces and systems can be perilous to the continued success of the business.


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There are a few simple considerations. For instance, in lots with angled stalls, the lane directions should be logical and natural, especially where the lanes are tight and one way. Entering and exiting the lot should be an easy, obvious operation. Generally, put yourself in the place of the driver who has to navigate and use the lot. Would you get lost here, not knowing how everything works? What about high volume periods? Are there any trouble areas where accidents are likely. Questions like this begin to dredge deeper into the complicated questions around efficient use of park lot traffic flow.


There was a time when the mathematics involved in solving these problems involved doing the work by hand, working with Euler circuits, network diagrams, and other tried and true mathematical tools and models. Several new options for managing efficient traffic flow in parking lots have arisen in recent years with the development of computer programs and other simple methods that allow for maximum efficiency in parking areas.


Design and simulation tools are now available that allow for testing before the asphalt is dry and the lines are painted. This can be well worth the effort since repainting can be very costly. These costs go beyond the labor and materials, both in terms of the time it takes and the inherent inconvenience for customers and employees.  To learn more about driveway sealing and parking lot paving, be sure to contact the professionals at Driveway Sealing LLC today.